Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grrl Power

So there is this amazingly energetic and creative woman around town named Angela Richardson. She is a great performer (burlesque, trapeze, theater, comedy, public speaking and a photography.) She is a founding member Cherry Pop Burlesque where one of her ever poplular character's Olive Talique has bedazzled thousands of excited fans. She has also danced with Cycropia Aerial Dance and will be MCing the Aug 28 & 29, 2009 Orton Park Festival Shows. Her photography can be viewed on her flickr site

The thing that I love about Angela-as-artist is how devoted she has been to creating to a healthy community through artistic practices. Her art comes from a very personal place and yet reflects a grand utopic vision of a world where men and women are allowed to inhabit their bodies and celebrate their sexuality without harm or shame. Where neighbors care deeply about each other and where people actively participate in making decisions about how they want their society to do/be/act/look/behave. She is so generous with her very beingness that I didn't expect her to be able to pick a single cause for my birthday challenge. I guess she wrote down all her favorite causes on tiny bits of paper and drew from one of her fabulous wigs because today I got a FB message from her that says:

I donated $100 to GNP at the Goodman Center in July. I may have missed your generous offer to match up to $40, since another bday of yours has come and gone (!!!) already. But in case not...

"Madison's Girl Neighborhood Power initiative provides girls ages 9-14 with the opportunities and support they need to become confident skilled young women through a comprehensive approach including leadership, community service, health education and career development. Girl Neighborhood Power uses the power of youth, family and the community to strengthen resilience, build skills, and provide opportunities, so that girls make responsible choices and reach their highest aspirations."

I bet you know all about their programs already. And I am SURE you know why it's so important to support programs like this for girls in our community! If your generous offer still stands, please consider a donation.

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