Thursday, August 28, 2008

Camping Soothes the Soul

Karen Foxgrover is clearly here to inspire and teach others. Our relationship started as that of an employee to an employer when I worked as her attendant in the early 1990's. Fortunately over sushi and conversation our connection evolved into a lifelong friendship. Karen is one of the most active women I've ever met. She's involved in numerous organizations from advocacy work for the rights of people with disabilities to teaching workshops on how to communicate more clearly to modeling self care by doing everything she can to live as healthfully as possible.

Over the years Karen has told me of the psychological and spiritual importance of her annual summer pilgrimage to the woods of Wisconsin to go camping in an accessible setting. She participated in the b-day challenge by making a donation to With A Little Help, Inc. The website explains, ""With A Little Help...", Inc. camps allow for the extensive and individualized assistance adults, including individuals who reside in institutionalized settings, to participate in activities and outings which persons weakened by neuromuscular conditions otherwise could not enjoy.

The one-on-one assistance provided by volunteer attendants and the use of a very unique and recently remodeled accessible facility make it possible for the disabled adults to attend and actively participate in the camping experience. For many of the disabled adults, camp is the only opportunity for swimming, adaptive sports and recreational activities. Camping opportunities also provide much needed respite time for family members and personal care attendants who provide around-the-clock daily care."

I'm not sure yet exactly what the best way to contribute to With A Little Help will be, but I'm certain Karen and I will figure out the perfect way to help when we soon get together for sushi to belatedly celebrate her birthday.

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