Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baba Jean Eats Local Beans

Baba Jean claims to be about 60 years old. She moves like a ten year old carrying the wisdom of a 100 year old, she's spirited and spry, but not overly-impulsive. She's hot. You can tell she takes care of the temple if you know what I mean. Some of us have a harder time staying connected to our bodies, I've learned a lot from watching Baba Jean flow and dance and weave into and out of circles. Eating local must be part of her secret. She's into it right now. I'm gonna take the challenge.

here is the link

an online local foods resource for SE Wisconsin.

EAT LOCAL. TAKE THE CHALLENGE. Take the Challenge during the second week of September to find out how local you can go. . .

Milwaukee's Eat Local Challenge, sponsored by the Friends of Real Food, is meant to encourage people to challenge themselves to increase the amount of local foods they choose. This website is dedicated to helping people prepare for the challenge and meant to be a resource for year-round local eating.

As we lead up to the challenge, more resources and information about local eating in Milwaukee will be added. So, watch this website grow...


Savor and celebrate the benefits of local food.

Join Friends of Real Food on Wednesday, August 13th from 6-8 pm at the Urban Ecology Center to plan for the challenge. Throughout the year, we seek to educate ourselves and our community about mindful eating, sustainable food systems and other food related issues. During the August meeting we’ll be sharing our personal views on and goals for local eating as well as information about local food sources.

In addition to enjoying foods that are locally grown and/or produced, this challenge helps us answer:
• What does “local” mean?
• What are the benefits of buying local food?
• How can we find local food around Milwaukee?

Friends of Real Food aims to make eating locally a sustainable option.

For more information, contact

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