Saturday, August 16, 2008

Life Becomes Perfect

Mother Amma, divine mother, compassionate, consoling, says, "compassion to the poor and needy is our duty to God." I read on her website that "Amma always points out that the purpose of one's life is to realize who we really are. She says, 'By realizing our own Self we become full, with nothing more to gain in life. Life becomes perfect.'

I think I first heard about Amma from the woman to whom this blog is dedicated. I believe St. Lulu got a hug from Mother Amma at one point. So at the time I thought of Amma as she who hugs, I haven't thought about her for a long time until Alison Einbender brought her up at Elizabeth's house (the teacher in "The Art of Teaching Creatively"). It was a magical day, the women in Elizabeth's circle are very special, they all possess these wonderfully big gifts but are humbly human. Alison and I talked about quite a few things that day connecting over the perfection of all things from the mystical to the imperfect. I was so grateful for the company of such cool women and that Alison brought the Divine Mother's inspiration of love and light and happiness with us on that day. Later that week, Alison made a donation of $40 to Mother Amma.

Wikepedia has a summary of the humanitarian programs of Amma which I think is relevant to spirit of the World According to St. Lulu: "a program to build 100,000 homes for the poor; hospitals; orphanages; hospices; women's shelters; pension disbursements for widows; community aid centers; homes for the aged; eye clinics; and speech therapy centers. Many of Amma's centers in the US run 'Mother's Kitchen', or 'vegetarian soup-kitchens', where volunteers prepare and serve meals to the poor and needy, 100 schools, 20 temples, one super-speciality hospital in Kochi, feeds thousands during mass kitchen, provides pension every year to over 15,000 widows, builds 25,000 houses annually for the homeless and has 35 Amma welfare centres all over the world to spread her spiritual message, a billion rupees (23 million dollars) in aid to the victims of the 2004 tsunami. The Math's relief work is happening in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Andaman & Nicobar islands and in Sri Lanka, a $1,000,000 to the Bush-Clinton Hurricane Katrina fund. She also sent a top aide to the devastated areas soon after the storm struck in the United States to assess the kind of help needed by victims, and thousands of blankets were sent and distributed to the survivors of the Kashmir and Pakistan earthquake.

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