Monday, August 11, 2008

Larry's Lutheran Largess

Larry Albrecht and I met volunteering for the Milwaukee International Film Festival. Our work consisted of getting together with fascinating, intelligent people about once a week to watch incredible films from around the world and wax film criticism. As we got to know each other I learned that Larry was part of an elite old boy's club that meets once a week at Brucke Cafe. Committed to social justice and human rights, and steeped in Lutheran guilt, Larry eventually asked me to attend the highly secretive Brucke Boys Club as a one-time guest feminist.

It was a very interesting evening, I took notes. My scribblings from that historic evening say things that must remain confidential due to "privacy concerns." I also put myself on the circulating roster of consensual guest feminists and offered to make occasional appearances. The boys are a motley crew of players who will remain anonymous. Lets just say they are united by their love of beer and women and political banter. Their politics lean to the left and their steins lean to the right, if you know what I mean.

Larry is a good guy but boy does he have issues. Mostly humanitarian. He wrote, "I donate regularly to Lutheran World Relief which does great work in poor
and oppressed communities around the globe, grounded in love, faith and
hope, and which has the highest ranking for foundations/charities with
minimal overhead. I will send an extra $40 on your behalf, which also keeps
a relationship with your and my spiritual heritage."

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