Friday, August 8, 2008

Eddee's Bridge

>Eddee Daniels is a Milwaukee photographer and teacher. He is a very community active man, I know he's a part of Friends of Milwaukee Rivers and other environmental causes. We met volunteering for a sub committee of the Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail that was working towards placing more public art on the trail. I admire all the work he does locally in Milwaukee but surprise, surprise, everyone is deeper and higher then you see on the surface:

I just returned from what has become a biannual trip to Nicaragua, my fifth, to work with my
favorite organization. It's called Bridges to Community
( and its mission is to bring people from the US
down to Nicaragua to work with local people who need houses and other
infrastructure, schools, wells, community centers, etc. The Nicaraguans get
new houses and the "gringos" get a taste of what it's like to live in a
vibrant community, with grace, love, respect, and humility. We often feel
like we receive more than we give.

Bridges to Community was founded in 1992 by my father, and others, so I have
a personal interest. But I go back again and again even though my father
died seven years ago.

You can see images and read more about my experiences in Nicaragua on my
website at Look for the projects on Nicaragua.

I'm also having an exhibit of Nicaragua photos at the united community
center in Milwaukee in Sept. with a special guest from Nicaragua who will
give a poetry reading on Sep. 15. For their home page see: For info on my
show see:

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